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Welcome to Thompson Community Foundation

The Thompson Community Foundation is an incorporated, non-profit, organization operated by a volunteer board. Our Foundation is a registered charity with Revenue Canada.

(Revenue Canada Business Registration Number 898228374)

Are you interested in addressing

Thompson’s greatest needs?

The Unrestricted Endowment Fund’s focus is charities addressing Thompson’s greatest needs including education, poverty reduction and strengthening neighbourhoods. You can also support the arts and environment. Donations of any size are welcome. Donating to the Endowment Fund is a way for all citizens of Thompson to make a difference through their charitable giving. 


Community Services Recovery Fund (CSRF)

Is your organization looking to adapt and modernize your internal processes as you recover from the pandemic?

From developing new communications plans to enhancing existing accounting systems, the Community Services Recovery Fund responds to the adaptation and modernization needs of non-profit and charitable organizations facing immediate and long-term impacts of the pandemic as they continue to support communities.

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