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Express sympathy and respect by making a gift in memory of a loved one. Many people make memorial donations instead of sending flowers to the funeral.


Recognize someone who made an impact on your life such as nurse, physician, family member or friend. Honor gifts are a great way to say thank you.


Suggest friends and family make a donation in lieu of gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other milestones. Special occasions are good reminders of the importance of giving to others.


Your gift is as individual as you are and a variety of assets can be used to make a charitable gift. The Thompson Community Foundation not only offers a range of giving options, but will also work with you to find the right fit for your gift. You can give confidently knowing that your gift is being put to use in an area you care about.

TCF Foundations Funds

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Memorial Gifts (A Gift that Honors Life)

A thoughtful contribution to the Foundation is meaningful way to pay tribute to honour the memory of someone.  It is a gesture of lasting value. Memorial gifts made to the Thompson Community Foundation qualify as charitable donations.  Upon receipt of memorial donations, the Foundation notifies the honouree’s survivors with a remembrance card. Those honoured by a tribute donation are contacted in the same way. The amount of tribute and memorial contributions is always confidential. Donors will receive a tax receipt and the family of the deceased will receive a card acknowledging your gift. A memorial gift to the Thompson Community Foundation remembers your loved one each year in our printed Annual Report and on the Memorial Page on this website. Memorial gifts can be made by filling out a Donor card and sending it, along with your donation to Thompson Community Foundation at Box 1074, Thompson, MB, R8N 1N9.


General Donations

You can contribute to the Thompson Community Foundation to increase the size of the endowment fund so that we can help fund even more worthwhile projects in our community. It's easy! Just fill in a Donors Card and specify where you want your gift to go into the endowment fund or go to operational expenses to keep the Foundation growing. Once the card is filled out, simply send your gift and the donor card to Thompson Community Foundation at Box 1074, Thompson, MB, R8N 1N9.

To Make a Gift Online, please go to:


2. List of Manitoba Foundations 
3. Thompson Community Foundation 

Or Print and mail the (PDF on this site) donor card to:  Box 1074   Thompson, MB   R8N 1N9

Tax Advantage

As a public charity, the Foundation benefits from maximum tax deductions and other advantages not available to private foundations. Upon making a gift, each donor receives an immediate and maximum allowable tax deduction. 


All donors of $10.00 or more, receive a tax receipt.

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