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Thompson Community Foundation offers a flexible yet structured approach for charitable giving to help you improve the lives of others in the community.

A Fund at Thompson Community Foundation

A named fund can be created with a gift of $10,000. This fund can be customized to meet your personal charitable giving objectives, which may include:

Choose between these fund structures:


Similar to a private foundation, a Donor Advised Fund enables individuals and families to establish a charitable endowment fund, receive a donation tax receipt and the donor can make recommendations for distribution, generally on an annual basis. Grants can be made to any registered Canadian charity, or any of our Focus Areas. (Example - Homelessness | Animal Welfare | Arts & Culture | Children & Families | Education | Environment | Health | Social Services | Youth)


You also have options for the fund’s long-term planning after your passing. You can appoint a friend or family member as the Successor Fund Advisor or ask the Thompson Community Foundation to carry out long term support for specific charities or our Charitable Causes.



These are the most flexible gifts that a donor makes. The Board of Directors is given discretion to make grants from annual earnings for a broad range of community needs. Discretionary (unrestricted) gifts enable the Community Foundation to respond to changing community needs from year to year while perpetuating donor generosity. The fund may be named after a donor, or become part of a common pool of similar gifts.


Created by donors who have a specific area or cause they wish to support. The Board of Directors select appropriate organizations and projects each year, to fulfill the donors wishes. Requires a separate Grant application.

Your fund will make a lasting difference in an area you’re passionate about.

Field of Interest Funds allow a donor to choose one or more areas of focus that will benefit from the fund; Foundation staff match charitable projects with the donor’s identified interests. (Example – health | arts | seniors | youth etc.)


The donor specifies one or more charitable organizations to be the perpetual beneficiaries of the annual income (no receipts necessary – CF just releases the funds to the charity each year). Eg: KidSport, Palliative Care, charitable museum…any specific charity.

Your fund will provide perpetual support for your favourite charitable organization(s).

Designated Funds enable a donor to select one or more organizations to receive annual grants from their fund, and provide a consistent source of support on which a charity can rely.


A type of designated fund, where the original donor is a charitable organization that has set up an endowment fund to ensure its financial stability in the long term.

Agency Funds are established through formal agreements between the community foundation and local charitable organization who are interested in building endowment funds as part of their financial strategy. In most cases the purpose of the fund will be to generate and distribute earnings to the Organization to be used at their discretion to meet their particular charitable mandate.



Your fund will help generations of local students pursue their dreams for the future.

Scholarship Funds generate annual awards for students. Donors may choose the scholarship criteria (for example: academic achievement, exceptional community service, financial need), schools that benefit, and areas of study. Award recipients are selected by school administration.



Friends of the Foundation may wish to establish or add to an operating fund to assist the Foundation to meet its administrative obligations and help it to continue its important work in our community.



Any fund that has not yet reached its fund minimum

Any of the above Funds can be established as part of your estate plan.

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